How to Operate Hydrocyclone ?

2018-10-19 08:46 Jinyang Cyclone

1. Before you start commissioning to ensure that all connection points cyclone unit are tightened, remove the pipe, the housing units in a variety of residues, in order to avoid driving after a leak and clogging.

2. The valve can be fully open or fully closed, but never allowed in a semi-open state.

3. If possible, please test with water. Cyclone feed can be pumped or high slot provided. If the pump and cyclone throughput match, the gauge shows a constant reading. To ensure that the pressure gauge reading does not fluctuate, if you need to check the cause significant fluctuations.

4. Equipment running smoothly at normal pressure, the amount you want to check the connection point of leakage, take remedial action when necessary.

5. The residue was checked into the cyclone caused by clogging. Cyclone inlet flow blockage will reduce overflow and grit, grit cyclone grit mouth clogged traffic reduced or even stop, sometimes violently shaking. To prevent clogging, hydrocyclones group pool feed can be added to prevent coarse material and debris in the facilities, while parking in a timely manner when the feed tank drained to prevent due to precipitation when driving again, the concentration is too high and cause clogging accident.

6. When the equipment has been running well water test confirmed, you can enter the slurry operation.How to Operate Hydrocyclone ?

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