Dry Tailings


A typical moisture content of dry tailings is less than 20%.These filtered tailings are normally transported by conveyor or truck, deposited, spread and compacted to form an unsaturated tailings deposit.The water can be reused back to plant.

Figure 1 Dry Stack facility in China(Xintai Gold Mining)

The benifit of dry stacking of tailings

1 Reduce a huge investment for building tailings pond

2 Remove the potential danger of dam-break, landslide and infiltration of traditional tailing ponds

3 Can be used in areas where water conservation is critical and any water loses can jeopardise plant performance.

4 Dry stacking is suited to areas of high seismic activity as the construction of retention embankments is prevented.

5 For cold climates, dry stacking prevents pipe freezes and frosting problems with conventional impoundments.

6 Groundwater contamination through seepage is virtually eliminated.

7 Filtered tailings allow better recovery of dissolved metals and process chemicals (e.g. gold and cyanide).

Dry stacking of tailings technology developed by Yantai Jinyang cyclone engineering Co.,Ltd has been successfully applied in more than hundreds of mines in the world.

The dry stacking of tailings system is composed of efficient concentration hydrocyclone and high frequency vibration dewatering screen ,Efficient thickener and press filter(depend on the partical size of tailings).after years of on-site application ,this system has been proved to be effective ,and can reduce the operation cost ,avoid the safety hazards of tailings dam ,ensure the continuous and safe production ,and develop the tailings' comprehensive utilization ,which has good application value.


1.good dry heaping effect

2.little one-time investment ,low follow-up maintenance cost

3.small footprint

4.brief technologocal process

5.simple maintenance

6.tailings pond or dam service life lengthen

Main equipment

High concentration hydrocyclone

Compared with the traditional hydrocyclone ,the high concentration hydrocyclone adopts multistage cone structure . The first cone angle is bigger ,making the tangential velocity of the fluid inside the hydrocyclone to maximum ,and increasing centrifugal force .The second cone angle is smaller ,but longer cone ,pulp here has enough time and space to exchange fully .The third cone has a large angle and straight section structure .While ,the involute feeding way can increase capacity and reduce the wear and tear .The high Concentration hydrocyclone has advantages of high underflow concentration ,large production ,fine partical size , and efficient classification, helps to improve the coarse tailings processing effect as high as possible ,and reduce the load of follow-up fine processing ,the equipment specification and investment.

High frequency vibration dewatering screen

The dewatering screeen is mainly composed of vibrator , box ,screen deck and support device.


The screen deck adoptes polyurethane instead of traditional Steel materials ,high structural strength ,wear resisitance ,easy to change and not easy to jam .Compared with filter ,the dewatering screen has characteristics of continuous and stable operation ,small footprint ,low fault rate ,simple maintenance ,little one-time investment and low follow-up operation cost .According to the tailings processing capacity ,plants layout ,investment cost and other factors ,the dewatering screen is the first choice.

Efficient Thickener

The efficient thickener is mainly composed of drive device ,rotary rake ,steady flow device ,tank and antiswing device.


Equipped with flocculant adding device ,using the flocculant agent to make the fine particals to produce the floccules ,accelerate the sedimentation rate and decrease the specification.

Using precise automatic control system ,automatic lifting rake ,automatic alarm ,avoiding the pressure rake phenomenon.

Adopting deep feeding method ,advection sedimentation technology and unique steady flow device ,reduces the solid mineral kinetic energy ,and effectively improves the processing capacity and Concentration efficiency.

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