Grinding and classifying operation is an important production link of mineral separation and it is also the largest energy consumption in concentrator.

The working condition of grinding classification work is directly related to the separation index and economic benefit.First, it determines the energy consumption index of the whole plant. According to statistics, the energy consumption of grinding is about 40% to 60% of the total energy consumption of the concentrator. The finer the particle size of mineral clamp cloth is, the finer the grinding particle size is, the higher the energy consumption of grinding is.The second grinding and classifying operation determines the fineness of the selected material and the degree of monomer dissociation, which directly affects the grade of metal minerals and the separation index that may be achieved in the separation operation.The granularity composition of the selected material is determined by the third grinding and grading operation, and the qualified fineness of the classifying operation is the necessary condition of the separation operation.

The hydrocyclone most commonly used in wet concentrator is to realize classification and separation by centrifugal force field produced by fluid. Its remarkable advantages are small volume, simple structure, large handling capacity, small space occupation, less investment in equipment and low operating cost.The high shear force produced in hydrocyclone can effectively destroy the agglomeration of particles and is beneficial to the classification and washing of solid particles. In recent years, with the development of hydrocyclone application, Hydrocyclone has been widely used in grinding classification.

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